Simplifying SEO for Business


Evaluate Rankings

We start by evaluating your current rankings, good or bad. We use Google Analytics and SEO reporting that we share with you.



We develop a set of actionable SEO tactics that may include, on-page optimization, link building, keyword research, press releases, and web design.


Implement Tactics

We implement your customized SEO strategies; basic or aggressive. We then check off what is done as we complete each SEO tactic.


SEO Monitoring

From the beginning we know where you started; we now check your progress over time from the time we finished each SEO technique.

On-Page Optimization and SEO Rankings

On-page SEO optimization often goes overlooked in lieu of more advanced SEO tactics. However, one should not ignore the benefits of a properly optimized page from the ground-up. There are different aspects to on-page SEO like page load, user design, proper heading tags, and making sure your code is semantic for web browsers to clearly crawl your pages. If you ignore these important steps, chances are your site will suffer in its rankings versus a site that has all the proper on-page SEO tactics in place. You should start with a cleanly coded template, theme, or from-scratch-design, and then move to content optimization, keyword mapping, press releases, etc. The more planning, the better as there are plenty of areas for error and confusion.


Research and Planning

Contact us to get started on evaluating your current rankings and planning an actionable strategy. We’ll do hands-on checks as well as running reports to tell us what’s going on with your site. Once we have your on-page issues identified, we’ll recommend only the issues that are most urgent.

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Continued Monitoring

After your initial SEO promotions are completed, we’ll provide you with monthly reports detailing the performance of your site. You can also do daily checks for your targeted keywords in your search engine of choice. We’ll continually check ourselves and keep you updated of any changes in the SERPS. We use a complete suite of tools to outperform your expectations.

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How Much Does SEO Cost?

The cost depends on the quality of the SEO service and what a person or SEO agency is charging. We find that our costs are not cheap but not the most expensive either. We partner with and use some of the best and most well-known companies and software available in the marketplace. We don’t sell you on anything you don’t need either. We want to put you at ease when communicating back and forth and helping you build your business. The less stress for you means less stress for us. SEO is by far your best bet for long-term results and ROI when compared to traditional methods of advertising. We provide a variety of solutions to make SEO attainable for small to medium sized businesses. We also offer sliding scale pricing as well, just ask us and we’ll be sure to work something out. We like to provide a 3-6 month campaign to ensure you’re getting the best results. However, we can do bite-sized campaigns, but don’t expect immediate results. The level of aggressiveness in your SEO tactics is directly related to the performance of your SEO.

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